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Don’t claim to be a true football lover if you don’t know the history of the oldest football club in the world and Indonesia. What clubs are you? Get acquainted, let’s!

Oldest Football Club – The development of football has started since the early existence of this sport , namely in China. Then, began to be popularized in England , and eventually football became the most popular sport on Earth.

The development of football in Europe is so fast and interesting, some countries in Europe which are famous for their football, even have their own playing styles. Spain is famous for its tiki-taka , Italy is famous for its catennácio , Netherlands for their total football , and England with kick and rush .

If we talk about football, of course this talk will not escape the clubs. As we know, currently the football club that is often in the spotlight is not far from Barcelona , Manchester City , Juventus  and other top clubs.

But you know, before these clubs became famous and triumphant, there were predecessors who made their name as the oldest club in the world?  To find out, let’s see the complete list of the oldest Indonesian and world football clubs!


The Oldest Football Club in the World

1. Sheffield FC (1857)

Sheffield FC is a club from England which is known as the oldest club in the world, even they have been named the Football Association (FA) and the Federation of International Football Association ( FIFA) as the oldest club.

In 2004, Sheffield FC also received the Order Of Merit award from FIFA for its contribution to the world of football. The club even existed six years before the rules of football were codified.

At that time, Sheffield already had rivals, namely Hallam FC and played their first match in 1867 against the club.

2.Hallam FC (1860)

No less historically, Hallam FC can be said to be the second oldest club after Sheffield FC. Both come from the city of Sheffield, England, Hallam FC and Sheffield FC are the first rivals in football.

Their stadium named Sandygate has been named the oldest football field in the world and is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records .

3.Cray Wanderers FC (1860)

Cray Wanderers FC is a semi-pro football club from South England. They currently play in the Northern Premier Leauge , the seventh caste equivalent of the English league. Unfortunately, this one club was never able to show their fangs at the semi-pro caste.

Previously, when they were still an amateur club, the Wanderers made many achievements in the Kent League .

4. Workshop Town FC (1861)

Workshop Town FC is a semi-pro football club that plays in Northern Premier Leauge , the same as that of Cray Wanderers. However, Workshop Town has a better history than Wanderers. Because they had played in the FA Cup several times .

Even though they only made it to the top 64, at least they had held Tottenham 0-0 to a draw in 1920-1921.

5.Notts County FC (1862)

Notts County FC is the oldest professional club in the world currently playing in Football League 1 , the third tier of the Premier League. The club from Nottingham is known as the Magpies.

This club has made brilliant achievements in the FA Cup in 1891, they managed to rank second. And, in 1894, they managed to rank first in the diajang.


6.Stoke City FC (1863)

Do you know that Stoke City FC is the oldest club among other English clubs that are currently grazing at the highest level of English football, EPL? Stoke managed to break into the highest level of football in England in 2006/2007.

However, in 2018 they had to return to the number two caste of English football. Before being named Stoke City FC, they were named Stoke Ramblers FC

7.Bradford Park Avenue AFC (1963)

Bradford Park Avenue AFC is a club from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. However, this club is different from Bradford City, who played in the Premier League in the 2000/2001 season.

Currently Bradford Park Avenue AFC plays in the lowest caste in English football, the   Northern Premier League Division One South with Brigg Town FC

8.Brigg Town FC (1864)

This small club from the city of Brigg in North Lincolnshire is also one of the oldest clubs in the world. Currently Brigg plays in the third division, the lowest level of English football, namely the Northern Premier League Division One South .

9.Wrexham FC (1964)

Wrexham FC is a club from the city of Wrexham in Wales. This club is a professional club that started to join the Football League in England in 1921. Currently Wrexham plays in the Conference League , the equivalent of the fifth division of the English League.

Even so, Wrexham is the holder of the most champions in the Welsh league, which is 23 times. In addition, they won the FA Cup after beating Arsenal in the Final in 1992.

10. Nottingham Forest FC (1865)

Born in 1865, Nottingham Forrest FC only entered the professional club scene in 1988. Currently Forrest plays in the Championship , the second division of the English league. Even though playing at the second level of English football, this one club has a pretty impressive history.

Nottingham won the English league in 1977/1978, won the Champions League 2 times in a row in 1978/1979 – 1979/1980, and won the FA Cup twice .


The Oldest Football Club in Indonesia

11. PSM Makassar (1915)

PSM Makasar was born in 1915, at that time the club which was nicknamed the Rooster From the East was named Makasar Voetbal Bond (MVB). Then in 1940, MVB changed its name to PSM Makassar.

Currently, PSM Makasar is one of the giants in Liga 1 Gojek, reinforced by classy players such as Wiljam Pluim, Marc Klok, and many more.

12. PPSM Sakti Magelang (1919)

Born as Indonesische Voetbal Bond Magelang (IVBM) in 1919, PPSM Sakti Magelang currently plays in the second caste of Indonesian football. The club from Magelang is one of the Indonesian clubs that co-founded the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI).

13. Persis Solo (1923)

Named Vorstenlandsche Voetbal Bond (VVB) at the beginning of its appearance in Surakarta, 1923, Persis Solo is one of the oldest football clubs in Indonesia. Currently the club known as Laskar Samber Nyawa plays in Liga 2 Indonesia and has supporters with the name Laskar Pasoepati.

14. Persipura Jayapura (1925)

Born in 1925 in Eastern Indonesia, Persipura is now one of the strongest teams in Indonesia. Persipura has even given birth to the legend of the Indonesian national team, Boaz Solossa. The team with the nickname Black Pearl has won several times at the top level of Indonesian football.

Persipura won the 1st Division twice in 1979 and 1993, the Indonesian Super League in 2008, the First Division of the Indonesian League in 2005, and the Community Shield Indonesia 2009. The club subscribed to this champion also had time to appear in the biggest soccer event in Asia, the 2014 AFC Cup , however had to stop in the semifinals.

15. Persebaya Surabaya (1927)

Persebaya Surabaya was born in 1927 with the name Soerabhaiasche Indonesische Voetbal Bond (SIVB) Before changing their name to Persebaya, this club had changed their name to Persebaja in 1943.

The club that has just returned to the highest caste of Indonesian football this season has shown good performance in the 2018/2019 season, and is able to perch in the top ten of the Gojek 1 League.


16. PSIS Semarang (1928)

The club which has the nickname Mahesa Jenar was born in 1928 under the name Tots On Doel (TOD). PSIS Semarang, which is now playing in Liga 1 Gojek, had tripped over a big scandal in football, Calciopoli in 2014 which tarnished the name of the club and also Indonesian football.

17. Persija Jakarta (1928)

Persija is perhaps the club most widely known by Indonesians today, because of their phenomenal rivalry with Persib Bandung. Not only the club itself, their supporters named The Jak can also be heard everywhere.

The club with the nickname of the Kemayoran Tigers also gave birth to an Indonesian football legend, namely Bambang Pamungkas.

18. PSBI Blitar (1928)

PSBI Blitar has an interesting background, because the club from Blitar was a unit of Indonesian football before the formation of PSSI. The club with the nickname Singo Lodro, now plays in the third caste of Indonesian football.

19. PSIM Yogyakarta (1929)

This football club with the nickname Laskar Mataram was born in 1929. At that time PSIM Yogyakarta was still called the Mataram Football Association (PSM). Then in 1930 it changed its name to the Mataram Indonesian Football Association (PSIM).

This change of name is a demand for the nation’s movement to achieve Indonesian independence.

20. PSMS Medan (1930)

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Similar to Persebaya, PSMS Medan has just returned to the competition for the main caste of Indonesian football this year. Actually PSMS Medan was born in 1930 under the name Medansche Voetbal Club (MSV).

The name PSMS itself was only sparked in 1950, and made it the birth year for PSMS. PSMS Medan or often called Ayam Kinantan has a hard and fast style of play.