Pfaffenhofen, Germany, 15th of May, 2020. Symbolphoto football in Corona times and the restart of the german 1.Bundesliga on May 15, 2020 in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria, Germany.

Not long-ago Barcelona was screaming in agony of what had become of them. Messi-less, moneyless, and in quite honesty just a mess. Barcelona was lost – sinking at the bottom of the sea.

And with nowhere to go and no one to find a familiar face looks to have saved the fate of the club!

They were 9th,10th, or something like that when Xavi arrived, the point is they were not Barcelona-like.

The midfield maestro who was as elegant as he was on the pitch proved he still oozes class and exudes brilliance while being on the sidelines. Same person, same impact, just a different vessel to materialize!

Xavi and his men have turned around their miserable season, first by playing beautiful football and then by getting some wins under their belts!

They are 3rd on the table but could very well be second if they win their game in hand. If they do so they’ll find themselves 9 points behind league leaders Real Madrid.

The same Real Madrid that looked light-years away – a couple of months back!

Barcelona is also in the quarter-finals of the Europa League and is looking head-on favorite to win the competition.

So, everything has been fabulous at Football Club Barcelona but the feather in their hats as far as their recent resurrection goes came on Sunday night at the Spanish capital.

Not long-ago Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Neymar, all use to come at the Bernabéu and exemplify their talent and flare all over the pitch.

At one point, it was almost like they didn’t even care for results and tangible goals. It was like an artist lost in creating his perfect masterpiece. Chasing the beautiful game, chasing the intangible, making the football pitch a canvas for the portrayal of unordinary beauty!

This Barcelona team has a long way to go to reach that generational team, but you could certainly say the theme of Sunday’s El Clásico was that of – reminiscence of old Barca.

Shades of the old were certainly penetrating through this modern-day one, and Xavi part of both the world has been the bridge for the new to grow, nurture and be iconic again!

Against the infinite rival – the cause, deep-rooted in history, politics, and culture, it was Barcelona 4–0 Real Madrid at the Spanish capital in the renovated Bernabéu!

It should have 7, 8 but it felt like Barcelona just played for the artistry of it.

Nonetheless, it was a statement win for Barcelona, that articulated the feeling of – we are back!

What a story of Barcelona and what a story for Xavier Hernández!

And by the looks of it, Barcelona seems to have just gotten started. this win will be a massive physiological boost for the Barcelona players, a catalyst that will propel this team to finish even stronger in the last stretch of the season.

And for the future and beyond this game could very well mark – the day Barcelona became Barcelona again!

Every El Clasico win is special, but you could see it on the face of a running Xavi this meant just a little bit more!

Barcelona has turned back the clock and completed the first chapter in their book of resurrection.