Learn how to bet on the beautiful game:

It’s a FIFA World Cup year, and many new bettors learn to profit off their soccer knowledge when this competition approaches.
The most traditional soccer event is just around the corner, so what better time to develop sports betting skills, starting with the most popular sport in the world?
Check out our beginners’ guide to soccer betting!

The different types of football bets

You can bet on dozens, sometimes over a hundred different things in a single football game. If you consider other types of bets and the multiple games and competitions, plus the fluctuation of odds, there’s really an unlimited number of opportunities to profit from soccer betting.
The most popular market is the match result marketing. Bettors that bet just for fun usually focus in the 1×2 market.
At this market, you can bet on the victory of each team, or the match draw.

Handicap Betting: Match result betting on football games

Just like it happens with US sports, you can also bet using handicaps.
These handicaps exist to make things more exciting. Instead of betting if Manchester City will win their next game, which is very likely, what about betting if they’ll win by 2, 3, 4 goals or even more?
As they now have a goal machine called Erling Haaland, handicap betting is very popular in the UK these days.
The most popular handicap system is the Asian Handicap, which is liked by professionals due to some peculiarities. Check out our exclusive guide about AH betting.

Secondary Football Markets: betting on corner kicks, first half result and more

You can also bet on special selections. Some punters really enjoy betting, for example on the score of the first half. This type of bet can be interesting if a team is famous to score early in the matches, for example.
The number of corner kicks in a game is also an option. Other interesting markets include whether there will be a red card in the game, if a specific player will be sent off, the exact score of the game, and even whether a specific team will be relegated or win a specific tournament.


The world of sports betting is fascinating, and the most popular sport in the world, soccer, is no exception. We’ll bring you special betting guides, previews, and tips for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.

Check out our FIFA World Cup betting guide for starters and start your journey to have fun and profit in the most exciting football tournament out there.
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